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NetGovern Platform 6.x


NetGovern’s web administration console offers a self-service Support feature with the ability to easily create and manage tickets, leveraging the existing environment and the connectivity between all the hosts providing NetGovern services.

Knowledge base searches can also be run directly from the Netgovern’s Administration Console; search results are displayed in a new window to avoid disrupting ongoing work in the console.

The list of available ticket management through the Support link:

  • Creating Support tickets
  • Uploading Support-related file (e.g., logs, traces, screenshots, comments)
  • Checking ticket status
  • Closing tickets



The Support link is located on the top right-hand side for the Web Administration interface, between the Help and the Log Out Links



Follow the prompts provided by the Support wizard, which opens in a new window and provides several support options.



Start by searching the Knowledge Base to see if the problem has already been documented by clicking the  first link - Search the knowledge base:



Results from Searching in Knowledge Base display in a New Web Browser Window.



If the KB Search does not help with the issue, create a new support ticket by clicking the Create a support ticket link in the wizard:

The portal will verify if there is a valid license. If there is one, the following options are displayed to Create a New Support Ticket.


Described the issue in much detail as possible.


Indicate, approximately, when the issue happened


From the list of authorized contacts select the name of the person to contact.

You may, alternatively, add a name to be contacted.


The support ticket gets generated.


A confirmation message indicating that the ticket was successfully created will be generated:


Updating an Support Ticket.

If the ticket needs to be updated at any time, it can be done in the same window by scrolling down to the Update Your Ticket section:



A Ticket History window will open; in the window, all existing tickets for the logged in account will be displayed:

Scroll to find the ticket that will be updated, and click its link:  


To add comments to the ticket, use the Add a comment link in the Ticket Details window; click the link to add the comments: 


Click on the Submit button to upload the comments to the ticket.



Upload a File to the ticket and add any comments regarding the content and point of the file.

Display the Log and Trace files uploaded for the Active support ticket.

Contacting NetGorvern Technical Support for Assistance.

Clicking the last link (If you require immediate assistance with this issue…) to see available telephone numbers to call (and hours of operation) to speak to someone in Netmail Support:

Closing a Ticket.

If the issue has been resolved, the customer may close the ticket from the Self-service support feature:

Add a Closing comment.


The ultimate goal is to speed up problem resolution and provide the best possible technical support to our customers.