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Netmail Archive 5.x in GroupWise environments.


When troubleshooting problems related to the GroupWise retention stamp and its use by Netmail Archive, it may be helpful to view the Published column in the GroupWise client. However, this column is not displayed by default.

When data is archived, GroupWise messages are tagged with a Published flag value of True. With GroupWise version 8 and higher, the Published flag is a timestamp (date and time) instead of the more binary True or False. The timestamp is useful for determining whether files were actually tagged as published (and timestamped) during an archive job so they can subsequently be deleted and purged using GroupWise cleanup routines.

This article will explain how to add the Published column to the GroupWise client. This article assumes that 100% retention is enabled within GroupWise system.  For information on 100% retention and how to enable/configure it on the GroupWise side, see this article.


The steps described below will explain how to add additional columns to the GroupWise client:

1. Within the GroupWise Client, right click one of the existing columns at the top of the message list (e.g., Date, Subject, From) and select the More Columns option from the list:



2. From the Available columns list on the left side of the Select Columns box, locate the Published column option and click to select it; click the Add button followed by OK to add the column:


3. The Published column will appear in the Selected columns list:


4. Note that the Published Column will be immediately visible in the GroupWise client. In GroupWise versions 8 and higher, the column shows the date and time corresponding to when the message was published (archived):



In the example below, note that some of the inbox messages were published, but others were not since there is no date associated with them in the Published column:


Any items that DO NOT have a Published value were not archived by Netmail Archive. If 100% retention is in place, attempts to delete and purge unpublished items from GroupWise will fail, as such items will not be removed from the Trash until properly archived, by design.

Messages that have a Published value were archived by Netmail Archive, so it will be possible to to delete and purge these items from the user's account.



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