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Netmail Archive 5.x


It is possible to configure Netmail Search to display a company logo on the login page instead of the Netmail Search page’s default image shown below:


To customize the Netmail Search login screen with an organizational logo, locate the login_bg_netmail.jpeg file, located on the server hosting the remote provider. The default file path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider\WebContent\images\login_bg_netmail.jpg. This file is the default image displayed when accessing Netmail Search directly through a browser.

Modify the file as needed. Note that the custom logo should be in jpg format with an image size of 705 X 385 pixels.

Restart the Netmail AWA Remote Provider service and clear the browser cache after making the changes.

The next time the Netmail Search page is accessed, the custom logo should appear on the page instead of the default image.


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