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Netmail Archive 5.2.x and higher


When a case is created in Netmail Search, only three columns are visible by default to keep the information window as streamlined as possible.  The default columns are:

  • From (sender)

  • Subject

  • Sent/Received date

The Netmail Search case window can easily be customized to display additional columns if more information about archived messages is needed. This article will explain how to add additional columns to a case.


Log in to the Netmail Search console and create a new Netmail Search case (or access an existing case).

To add additional columns to the case, click one of the downward-facing arrows located next to the existing column headings (From, Subject, Sent/Received); these arrows are located to the right of each heading.  When clicked, arrows will expand to show the Columns option.

Hover over the Columns option on the menu and it will expand to show all additional column headings available to be displayed:


Select any columns of interest and they will be displayed in the Netmail Search case window.


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