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Netmail Archive 5.2.x and higher


When using the Advanced Search functionality available in Netmail Search, it is possible to filter the results so that only messages sent from an organization’s domain will be returned in response to a query. This article will explain how to do this.


The results of a query in Netmail Search can be limited by using Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT to refine the results of a search. To limit the results of a search to messages received from an organization’s domain, log in to Netmail Search with an account that has superuser rights and open an existing case or create a new one.

Once the case is generated, click the Advanced Search option at the top of the page and from the pull down menu, select the Messages option:


-  In the Advanced Search dialog box that is generated, the message tab will be active by default.

-  Check the Sender contains box and in the associated field, enter the Boolean operator (NOT) followed by the name of the domain to be excluded from the Search results:




When the Search button is clicked to run the modified search query, any archived messages that originated from the excluded domain will be omitted from the results.


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