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This document will describe how to fulfill an example eDiscovery request using Netmail Search 5.3.


In this scenario, the company's legal council has requested the following data be provided to them in PST format:

All email communications for the following users containing the following keywords:

AWILSONSubject: case, backline, procedure
DCHARRYSubject: case, backline, procedure
MVELIZSubject: help, case, archive
MBLOSHTEINSubject: help, case, archive


Subject: help, case, archive

Subject or Body: cases, archive, upgrade


  1. Log into Netmail Search as a superuser.
  2. Create a new case containing these users and the repositories containing their data.

  3. Once the case is created, open it.  You should be able to browse all the archives for these six users.
  4. Now we must effect the search.  We begin by noticing that not all users have identical search criteria, but they don' t all have unique criteria either.  So it would be most efficient to batch users with similar criteria together.  In this example Batch1 would include the first 2 accounts, Batch2 would include the next 3 accounts, and the last account would be by itself.  Create tabs in Netmail Search to reflect this grouping.  Tabs can also be renamed like so:

  5. In the first tab (Batch1) select the AWILSON and DCHARRY accounts only.  In the top right corner, elect to perform an Advanced Search.  In the Message tab, enable the Subject contains field and fill it in with your keywords separated by a capitalized OR.

    When you're done, click Search.  This should return all the relevant hits for the first two accounts. 
  6. Repeat step 5 on the next tab (Batch2) by selecting accounts MVELIZ, RJAMES, and MBLOSHTEIN and then performing an Advanced Search using their specific keywords.

  7. For the last account/tab, since the query includes both Subject & Body fields, it is easier to use the Quick Search field instead of the Advanced Search.

  8.  Once all tabs are populated with the relevant hits, export the results to PST use the New Export button on the toolbar.  Indicated all tabs, all items, and PST format.  Netmail Search will produce 1 PST for each user with their results only.


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