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Netmail Archive 6.x


Storage Management reports provide information about the archived mailbox space usage.  This article will provide a little more information about the metrics returned by the report. 

To learn more about running Storage Reports, please see the relevant section of the Archive Admin Guide.


The report will be available on the Storage Management Agent inside the Netmail Administration Web interface once the job has completed.  At the top, it will display the General Storage Statistics section.

The General Storage Statistics Report show the following information:

Scanned mailboxes:  The number of mailboxes selected for the job.  

Messages: The total number of messages in the mailboxes.

Attachments:  The total number of file attachments in the mailboxes.

Attached messages:  The number of embedded emails.

Attachment size on disk (SIS):  This is the total size if there was no Single Instance Storage, i.e.  if you exported data to Portable Netmail Search that does not use SIS, or injection into Exchange etc.

Scanned items, total: Number of items in total, i.e. messages, attachments, attached messages.

Message only size, total: - Same as the Messages above.

Attachment Size, total: How much space the correct attachments take up. This includes the SIS benefits.

Avg. attachment size:  Attachment size, total divided by number of attachments.



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