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Netmail Archive 6.x


Perhaps there are nodes in the cluster which were only needed for initial deployment, or were deployed to cope with a short term increase in load. Perhaps the roles being performed by a node need to be changed. When it's time to shrink the cluster worker nodes can be retired and then shut down (or redeployed with different roles).



Ensure that no jobs are running by checking in the UI at Netmail Services > Archiving > Monitor tab. In this example we will remove a worker node from a two node cluster. The worker node can be seen in the UI under Archiving > Nodes.

To retire the node, in a web browser enter the URL https://<>/retire. The system will prompt for administrative credentials, do some checks, and if everything is in order, it will offer to retire the node.  Click Retire to do so.

If all goes well the UI will display a success message. If not, click the Detailed Log button to begin troubleshooting. The log can be copy/pasted into a json viewer for easier reading.

The node should no longer be visible in the admin UI.


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