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NetGovern Archive 6.x


Organizations often wish to supply their users with shortcuts to their archives for convenience.  There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • pushing a URL shortcut onto the users' desktops/browsers
  • publishing a link on the intranet site
  • deploying the NetGovern Outlook Add-in
  • deploying the NetGovern IIS extensions for Exchange
  • etc.

This article will cover the option of using the IIS extensions.  Installing these extensions will provide end-users with a hyperlink directly into their archives from within their OWA session.  This is usually a preferred method for Exchange on-premises customers since it can be accomplished quickly server-side (no need to touch all end-points) and can accommodate remote workers (which may not be domain-joined).  Unfortunately, server-side installations will also mean that Exchange Online customers are not eligible for this option.


Installing the IIS extensions needs to be done on Exchange 2010+ servers running the CAS role.  It should be done on ALL such servers in the organization, as user sessions may get load-balanced or handed-off between servers.




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