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Netmail and higher


An issue has been identified where mapped drives are not visible when running the GroupWise to Exchange Migration (Provisioning) Wizard and attempting to connect to the Primary Domain database to locate the wpdomain.db file. This article will explain how to apply a workaround to avoid this scenario.


When attempting to provision users using the GroupWise to Exchange Migration Wizard with Netmail Archive 5.3, mapped drives are not visible when browsing to wpdomain.db unless logged on as a local administrator. This is related to the Local Security Authority (LSA) and the way that Windows handles mapped drives for user logins.  The problem occurs because the User Account Control treats members of the Administrators group as standard users. More information about how the LSA handles logons is available here

If not logged in as a local administrator, the Provisioning Wizard must be run as administrator to avoid a crash (right-click on the executable and select the option to Run as Administrator). If it is not run as an administrator, the Wizard will crash; this is a known issue:



However, if the Wizard is Run as Administrator to avoid a crash, the connection to the mapped drives will be lost. When network shares are mapped, they are linked to the current logon session and the network share is not mapped for processes that run with full administrator access. The screenshot below shows the application view of the drives versus the view of the drives visible in Windows Explorer:




To avoid a crash while maintaining the visibility of any mapped drives on a server running Windows Vista or higher, the workaround is to login to the machine as a local administrator and then run the Provisioning Wizard using local administrator credentials.


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