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Failed to lock the account

Netmail Archive threads will lock the account they will use.  They do so by creating a lock_info.xml file in the audit folder of the respective account.  This prevents multiple job type from operating on the account simultaneously and causing conflicts/corruption.  This error is thrown when the thread cannot create the lock file.  Although possibly a transient condition (ie. worth re-trying the job) it is usually caused by insufficient permissions.  


  • Check that the audit folder is accessible, and that the credentials supplied for the network share are correct.  

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Error reading the message

In almost all cases, this is due to the storage being unresponsive to a read operation.  


  • Check that the location of the XML is reachable and that the files can be fetched/opened manually.


Failed to get user Internal ID from user Full ID

This is an error of the Remote Provider upon login.  It cannot translate the user's ID to the correct audit folder via the usermap objects in eDirectory.  


  • Correct version of Java in installed (v1.6)
  • eDirectory is reachable
  • the xgwxmlv.cfg file has the correct IP / credentials for eDir
  • restart the AWA Remote Provider service


Data Source Name could not be found 

This error is usually related to the SQL logging database of Netmail Archive.


  • Check that the SQL database is accessible and that the connection string in the Archive webadmin is correct.

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The underlying connection was closed

This is an error on a job.  It clearly points to a connectivity issue, usually with the mail system, however the source of the issue is unclear.


  • Check for the presence and configuration of load balancers.  Try by-passing the NLB by pointing directly to a server.
  • Check for the presence and configuration of certificates.  Try using a non-secure connection, or verifying using a different method whether SSL connections are accepted.

(507) insufficient storage

This error is likely related to injection (migration) jobs.  


  • Check the size of the attachments throwing this error and compare to the limit allowed by Exchange

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Error: (507) insufficient storage

Can not get the mapping account

This is an error related to injection (migration) jobs.  Migration Wizard should populate maLdapAttributes (in the eDir) with the user's GW archive folder name eg. "MAID:eyad saheb@eyads.PostOffice.Domain "

It will also populate the maEmail attribute.  When the job runs, it will have the GW folder name and it will search eDirectory to find an object with that maLdapAttribute.

When it finds a match it will use the maEmail attribute to connect to the Exchange account.  Bear in mind that the SyncAB also runs daily and updates those objects, however it should NOT touch the above attributes.


  • check that the user object in eDir has the correct information in the above attributes.

Error processing the message in filtering

This is an error with Netmail trying to download the contents of the mailbox.  It is a generic error.


  • upgrade to the latest build to ensure the most recent fixes are in place

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The meeting message couldn't be correlated because the target is a repeating master and the meeting message is an occurrence


This is an error with the Archive job.  It is a consequence of a known issue with Exchange 2010.  It occurs when a recurring meeting is created with OWA.  Exchange 2013 fixes this issue.


Cosmetic issue; should be considered a warning, but the software cannot identify it as such during runtime.


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