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Netmail Archive 5.3.x  and Microsoft Exchange 2013


The ISAPI Filter DLL, ISAPI_AWV, is used to create a link in OWA to enable one-click access to a users Netmail Archive.  After integrations have been installed and configured, subsequent updates to the IIS Manager or the CAS server in general may remove the Netamil ISAPI Filter and therefore remove the Netmail Archive OWA link.  The Netmail Archive link can be restored through the following steps. 


  • Open the Internet Information Services manager (from Server Manager tools) on the CAS server
  • Select Default Web Site
  • Open ISAPI Filters
  • Add a new filter with name Netmail and value c:\IISEXT\ISAPI_AWV.dll
  • After making the change, it will be necessary to restart IIS on the CAS server. To do this, open a command window (with elevated privileges) and type iisreset.

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