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Netmail Archive 6.x


Where can I see the Diagnostics information?

The Diagnostics page is a tab at the top-level of the Netmail console.  It's also the default landing page after logging into the console.  It presents a high-level view of the health of the system, with a breakdown per component.  Each indicator can be clicked to reveal more information about the sub-components, including graphs to indicate when a particular incident may have started.  Find more information in Netmail Admin Guide


How does Diagnostics gather this information?

Each node has an agent which will perform a series of tests (in the Microsoft services console, you'll see this as Netmail SNMP agent).  The tests are performed at various intervals.  For example, on an Archive node it will test access to storage locations every 30sec whereas the Powershell URL is tested every 10min.  The results are saved to a local MIB which is served up by another service: Net-SNMP Agent.

Every 5min the master Archive server will run a batch file (netmailmonitor.bat).  This will poll all the nodes in the cluster by connecting to their MIBs and retrieving the most recent test results.  Everything is collated into a summary file at C:\netmail\var\monitor\default\default\status.json

When the Diagnostics tab is chosen in the browser, this file is read to display the colors of the indicators.  In case the tab is left open for an extended period of time, the information is refreshed from the file every 30sec.  If the webpage notices that the status.json has not updated in over 5min, it will display a warning on the screen that the information may be stale / out-of-date.


One of the indicators is red.  Where can I get more details?

On an Archive node, the Netmail SNMP Agent will log its activity together with the jobs in C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\Trace.   All filenames will begin with SNMP...

Open these files for more details on why tests are failing.


What happens if I stop/restart the Netmail SNMP Agent?

Stopping the agent will cease the testing and result in no data for the webpage to display.  You may see grey indicators when this happens.  It does NOT affect product functionality, however, and everything will continue to operate as before.

Restarting the agent is harmless.


I fixed an issue but the Diagnostics is still red?

This may happen if the Netmail SNMP Agent is not able to recover from the failure or cannot detect the new state.  Don't hesitate to restart this service if you suspect the results are not accurate.

If you just fixed the issue recently and checked the Diagnostics immediately after, bear in mind that the test may not have repeated yet or perhaps the information from the server has not been polled yet.  It's recommended to wait 5min before relying on the results of the webpage.  If time is short, the new poll of the system status can be effected manually by running the ..Netmail Webadmin\sbin\netmailmonitor.bat from an elevated command prompt and re-selecting the Diagnostics tab.


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