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Netmail Archive 5.x with Netmail Store


When creating a new storage location, it is always wise to "Test" it afterwards with the TEST button on the WebAdmin page.

More specifically, when creating a Netmail Store location, the test can fail with errors similar to "Failed to connect to device(-1)" (see below).





For illustration purposes, assume there is a simple 3-node cluster having IPs,, and

  1. First, ensure that the Netmail Store nodes are up & accessible.
    1. Ping each node.
    2. Open a browser and load the console on any node by navigating to port 90 eg.
  2. If the tests in Step 1 fail, it indicates a problem in your environment (eg. network connectivity or unhealthy Store nodes).
  3. If the tests are successful, then use an IP of a node as the "Host" in the location, and "Test" again.
    1. If this fails, re-check Step 1 and then contact Support.
    2. If it works but you prefer to use a DNS name, continue to step 3.
  4. Create a DNS entry, perhaps round-robin, for example:
  5. Verify that the ping & console tests from Step 1 continue to be successful when using the DNS name.
  6. Replace the "Host" field in the location definition with the FQDN defined at Step 3, and "Test" again.
  7. If the test succeeds, then it is safe to run jobs against this location.
  8. If the test fails, then check that you do not have multiple NICs on the Archive server.  Disabling auxiliary NICs in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections will often prevent this error.
  9. If all else fails, contact Support.


Storage Device FQDN Path Configuration:





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