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Exchange 2016 (15.01.0466.034) and higher.


When logging into OWA, there is no Netmail button displayed in the toolbar even though the user does have archives.

This would affect all users and only occurs in Exchange 2016 (build 15.01) and higher.


IMPORTANT: When editing the Default.aspx file, use an editor that can save with UTF-8 encoding. MS Wordpad has been seen to break the formatting of this file.

To resolve this issue, you will want to do the following:

  1. First you must locate the OWA installation folder. The default location is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\ClientAccess\Owa. To ensure that this is the correct location you can find open the IIS manager, then navigate to Back End site–>OWA–>Basic Settings–>Physical path.

  2.  Backup the existing Default.aspx file and then modify this file by adding the following just before the </html> tag: 
    <script src="/ewv/netmail.js?alskdjf"> </script>

    Here is a screenshot of how it will look:


  3. Once this has been completed you should now see the Netmail Button when logging into OWA for Exchange 2016.

NB1:  This issue can reoccur when updating Exchange as it will overwrite the Default.asmx file that was edited above.

NB2:  If you have multiple Exchange servers you will need to perform this change on ALL servers, as IIS can hand-off connections from one server to another.


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  1. There is no need to download the netmail.js file for the RP. Removed that step from the instructions.