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Netmail Archive 6.x


Netmail will access GroupWise mail systems via a trusted app key.  This key is usually created once at deployment time (during the Setup Wizard) and then remains unchanged for the life of the product.  However there are scenarios the app key may need to be updated, and in these instances it must be changed in the LDAP of the Netmail servers.


A trusted App key may be created and configured from any of the GroupWise Administrative interfaces, according to each version. 

There are two (2) LDAP attributes that must be updated in the Netmail Servers to get connectivity working between the Archive nodes and GroupWise, these are:  maTrustedName (GroupWise Trusted App Name) and maTrustedKey (hash created by GroupWise).  These attributes belong to a container object in LDAP called GWOpenNode.

There are many LDAP administrative tools available that may used to update these attributes, which one to use and how to configure it goes beyond the scope of this KB.

After configuring the LDAP connection to the Netmail Server:

  • Navigate down in the LDAP tree to the GWOpenNode container (dn: cn=GWOpenNode,cn=archiving,o=netmail).


  • Edit the GWopenNode entry to update the maTrustedName and maTrustedKey attributes





  • Depending on the LDAP administrative tool of choice, saving or committing changes may be needed.


After the attributes have been updated with the new information, connectivity may be tested by running an Address Book Synchronization job from the Netmail Web Administrative Interface.


Notes:  If there is not a preferred LDAP administrative tool, Netmail may suggest to use this LDAP Browser.

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1 Comment

  1. Connection information for LDAP can usually be obtained from any Archive server in C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\Config\clusterconfig.xml.

    Search the file for a line with a beginning similar to: <PRMS><![CDATA[<PRMS><CONNECTION DN="cn=netmail,cn=system,o=netmail"....

    It will display the host, port, SSL, user, and container to use when binding to LDAP.