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Netmail Archive (all versions)


Archive administrators need to create new repositories throughout the lifetime of the product for various reasons such as testing, legal holds, etc.  Once the need for a repository concludes, the administrator may wish to remove it and recover resources (storage, indexes, etc..).  The procedure outlined below provides the correct way to accomplish this.


After a repository is created the jobs will populate it with folders, xml files and attachments.  Also, indexes are created to track all this.  To remove a repository all these need to be undone.  

To remove it gracefully, the steps to remove a repository are:

  1. XML files:  Run an ILM - Deletion job on all the accounts in the repository.  Select deletion of audits, messages, and indexes.
  2. Attachments:  Run a Storage Management - Orphaned Attachment Purge on the repository
  3. Location definition:  Remove the location from Archiving -> Storage Locations.  You will be prompted to clear all indexes associated with this location; agree to this.
  4. Clean up storage:  Go to the network share that hosted the location and remove whatever files / folders remain on-disk.


If the location was backed by a network share, you can perform only steps 3 & 4 directly. 

If the locations was hosted on Netmail Store, you must go through all the steps above. 

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