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Netmail Archive 5.x


When running Netmail Archive against Groupwise, the administrator must choose whether to connect to his mail system using SOAP or Object API protocol.  This table serves to highlight some differences in these two methods in order to help the administrator make a decision.



SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

OAPI (Component Object Model)


GroupWise Client for Archiving data

Not Required



Archiving (Policies  and Jobs)

GroupWise Client for Native archive conversion to .XML



Hidden GroupWise Accounts

Able to archive these accounts

Unable to archive these accounts

GroupWise POA

Only Version 8.0.2HP2 and higher is supported. Older version will crash the POA.

GroupWise 7.0.3 and higher supported

Archiving Large size (Above 5GB) GroupWise accounts

Reports of POA crashes

No issues reported

GroupWise hidden resources

IP Addresses will need to define for each POA in Webadmin.

Unable to Archive these resources

GroupWise 8.0.1 or lower

Not supported


Other applications using SOAP on the POA

POA Degradation

No issues reported

GroupWise POA settings to avoid high utilization issues

Increase the SOAP POA threads settings. 

The defaults setting should work fine.

Clustered POA (GW 8.0.2HP2) environment on Netware 6.5 SP8

POA will crash after a couple of minutes of archiving

No issues reported

Windows 2008R2 64Bit and GroupWise 8.02HP2

There have been reported failures on the POA

No reported issues

Windows 2008R2 64Bit and GroupWise 8.02HP3

No issues reported

No data

Windows 2008R2 SP1 64 bit and GroupWise 8.02HP2

Seemed to have resolved SOAP issues.

No data


Injection Into Exchange

Archived Data

Data archived do not exhibit issues when injected into Exchange 2010.

Data archived exhibit various issues when injected into Exchange 2010.



Stubbing GroupWise Emails


Not supported


SOAP should be the preferred protocol for use but is depended on:

  1. The customer’s environment.
  2. GroupWise client dependency and the different versions.
  3. GroupWise configuration, clustered versus non-clustered.
  4. GroupWise archiving, e-compliance versus migration to Exchange or both.
  5. Will Stubbing be utilized?
  6. Server platform Netware, Linux or Windows.
  7. Applications utilizing SOAP with GroupWise.

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  1. Hats off to Andrew Soosai for assembling this information.