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Netmail Secure 5.2.2 SP2 (build 140852) and earlier




A defect was identified in Netmail Secure (fixed in version 5.2.3 HP1 (build 146650)) where the Netmail Secure Credit Card Content Filter is erroneously flagging all four-digit numbers in the body of messages as disallowed content (credit card information). Content filtering in Netmail Secure is designed to examine the content of mail messages (subject, sender, or message body), flag any disallowed content, and act on it according to actions set in the corresponding policy. This article will explain how to update the credit card policy criteria so that Netmail Secure will not flag legitimate four-digit numbers as disallowed content.


The defect responsible for flagging all four-digit number strings as disallowed message content is located in the default credit card Filter Values field of the Credit Card Content Filter.

To resolve the issue, log in to the Netmail WebAdministration console and navigate to the Credit Card policy (the default container is Secure > Policies > Content Filter > Policy Templates > Credit Card as indicated in the following screenshot:


On the Criteria tab (Filter Values section of the page), replace the existing Filter Value (Filter Type: keywords) with the following:


\b(51|52|53|54|55)\d{2}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}\b



\b4\d{3}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}\b



\b(34|37)\d{2}[- ]+\d{6}[- ]+\d{5}\b



\b((36|38)\d{2}|(300|301|302|303|304|305)\d{1})[- ]+\d{6}[- ]+\d{4}\b



\b6011[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}\b



\b(2014|2149)[- ]+\d{6}[- ]+\d{5}\b



\b(3\d{3}|2131|1800)[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}[- ]+\d{4}\b




Save the changes made to the policy.

Four-digit numbers in mail messages should no longer be flagged by Netmail Secure once this change is implemented.


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