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When a job is scheduled to run, or simply kicked off manually, it will appear in the Monitor tab briefly thereafter (usually a few seconds).  Sometimes this does not happen as expected.


If the job does not appear in the monitor within the minute, there could be a few possible reasons:

  1. If this job is loaded with a Distribution List, it's possible that the DL is still being expanded in the background.  This can take several minutes for large DLs, but it should eventually appear in the Monitor once it's complete.  Unfortunately there's no way to tell the progress of this process to know how far along it is.
  2. The agent for this type of job may be over-licensed.  Also a common issue for jobs loaded with DLs is that the membership grows & exceeds the available licenses for the agent.  Click on the agent itself to see its license consumption.  More on Netmail licensing here.
  3. There could be an issue with the sub-services which is preventing Netmail from reading the configuration properly.  Restart the "Netmail Platform" service and try again.  NB:  this will clear other running jobs from the monitor.


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