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Netmail Store 


Use the procedure below to perform a rolling upgrade of the Netmail Store software version. 


Please Read First!

  1. Once you have run through this upgrade procedure and restarted the nodes, you cannot backrev to the previous version.
  2. Upgrading should avoid skipping a major version. If you are upgrading from a much older version, this should be done incrementally.
    Please follow the recommendations below for upgrading Store:
    • Version below 4.x  upgrade to 4.x
    • Version 4.0.x - 5.0.x  upgrade to 5.1.x
    • Version 5.1.x upgrade to 6.5.x
    • Above 6.x you can skip to 9.x
  3. It is critical that the configuration on the USB key matches the IP of the server.
Upgrade instructions:
  1. Contact Netmail Support to obtain the download link for the new software version.  Extract it to your computer.  The contents should resemble:
  2. Unplug the USB flash drive from one of the Store servers and plug connect it to a Windows computer.  Make note of the drive letter assigned to the device (eg, X:).
  3. Move the license.txt and node.cfg files from USB key to the computer (they are found in the /caringo folder).  NB: This step is very important, as the next step will overwrite the config file and possibly the license file.
  4. Copy all files from the new software package onto the USB flash drive. You will overwrite the existing files.  NB: There are hidden files and folders, so make sure you get everything. You may need to turn on the "show hidden files and folders" in Windows Explorer. 
  5. Open a command prompt: Start Menu  Run: "cmd.exe"
  6. Run the syslinux.exe utility from the new package, passing the drive letter of the USB key as a parameter
    eg, "D:\Download\StorePackage\syslinux.exe X:"
  7. Move the license.txt and node.cfg files back to the USB key in the /caringo folder.
  8. Stop the USB flash drive and unmount. This is typically done by double-clicking the icon on the task bar that is labeled "Safely Remove Hardware" and the clicking the Stop button for the USB flash device.  NB: This is important to avoid corruption of the contents.
  9. Plug the USB flash device back into the Store node server and restart the server.  Restarting the nodes should be done from the web console when ever possible (to do this you will need administrative credentials, which can be found in the node.cfg file of the USB key).
  10. Monitor the admin console and ensure the server mounts correctly and has the new version number.

If you are doing a rolling upgrade of the nodes, it is recommended that you suspend volume recovery temporarily until all systems are up and running the same version of software. To do this, from the web console, click Settings and check Suspend Volume Recovery. 


In the majority of cases a Netmail Archive system will be pointing to a particular node for all its activity.  Netmail Archive jobs as well as end-user access will not be affected until this node is restarted.  Regardless, it is highly recommended that no jobs be running when that node is restarted. Netmail Client Access services may also need to be restarted after the upgrade.

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  1. On an upgrade from CAStor v5 to v6, please re-populate the node.cfg instead of carrying forward the old one (step 7 above).
    Some parameters appear to have changed, eg. IPaddress
  2. Agreed and very important.  Even when upgrading from 6.0.0 to a newer version like 6.1.2, values will change.  Of particular note:

    • cluster becomes name
    • vols becomes volumes
    • minreps becomes minReplicas
    • ipaddress becomes ipAddress

    Also, since Netmail Store is essentially a scaled-down Linux core, case sensitivity is also important in the node.cfg.  The "A" in ipAddress must be capitalized for example or you will get an error similar to this when booting:

    "Unknown config parameter network.ipaddress, did you mean network.ipAddress"

  3. If you receive an Windows error when copying the file "fsimage", please try:

    1. deleting the file from the USB key (if it exists)
    2. zipping the new version
    3. extracting directly to the USB key
  4. Please note that the default multicast address has changed in v6.

    If this address was not explicitly specified in the old node.cfg, then you must specify it in the new node.cfg to be the same as the old default.

    Refer to the notes in the node.cfg for default values.