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Netmail Archive 5.x with Microsoft Exchange 2010 (and higher)


In two-domain Exchange environments configured with a Netmail Archive server for each domain and a single CAS server, users from one of the two domains may be unable to access their archives through OWA. This is because these users are being directed to the remote provider API associated with the other domain which will in turn will direct them to the other domain’s archive store. Access to archives via Netmail Search is possible. This article will explain how to modify the Netmail Archive configuration so that users from both domains are able to access their archives via OWA.


The remote provider is the Netmail Archive API that directs users to the appropriate archive store and then serves their archive requests. For users from both domains to have archive access, the IP address information for both remote providers must be present in the Netmail Archive configuration files. This may be verified in the configure.txt file, located on the CAS server in C:\IISext (the drive letter may vary). If the file is misconfigured, it can be updated as explained below.

  • Make a backup of the configure.txt file and open it for editing.
  • Verify that both remote provider IP addresses (referred to in the file as dp.ip) are listed in the configuration (as indicated in the following example), and that port 8443 (used by the remote provider) is also listed twice on each line indicated:


  • Make the necessary changes, save the file, and restart the Netmail AWA remote provider service.
  • Open a command prompt on the CAS server and reset IIS with the following command:


If any of the affected user’s archives were incorrectly archived to the wrong repository (i.e. the repository for the other domain), it will also be necessary to update their user objects in eDirectory. To do this, use either ConsoleOne or an LDAP browser and log in to  eDirectory.

Locate the container holding the Netmail objects and navigate to GWOpenServer > Users


Delete the entries corresponding to all users who have their archives in the wrong repository (these objects will be recreated when the daily Sync AB job (Address Book synch) runs); save the changes.

Archive access should now be possible for users associated with both domains.


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