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Once the CSN has been configured and rebooted and a Netmail Store license has been published with licensed capacity, Netmail Store nodes may be powered on on the internal network. Netmail Store nodes require no additional pre-configuration other than to ensure they are configured in BIOS to network boot. As long as that's the case the nodes will automatically receive an IP address from the CSN as well as the pre-configured Netmail Store software and cluster configuration. Admins may wish to first ensure that the CSN has had adequate time to sync with a reliable NTP source as a precautionary step prior to booting the nodes. To do this simply type 'ntptrace' at a system command line. The returned output should contain a stratum value of '15' or lower indicating that the CSN's local time server is less than 15 layers separated from a reliable source and is therefore reliable enough to serve as an NTP server for the Netmail Store on the internal network.

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