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The csn-reset script allows an administrator to reset a server to a state in which a fresh software version may be installed from scratch and the initial configuration re-run. This can be useful to restart upgrades that are interrupted by network outages or to revert to a previous software version. The script can be run using the following command:


It will prompt for confirmation prior to proceeding and will log its steps to both the screen and to the system syslog (/var/log/messages). During the csn-reset process, configuration backups will not be able to complete and may log errors as a result. csn-reset allows one option, '--remove-cr', which will optionally remove the Content Router data stores for both Publisher and Replicator. By default, these data stores are not removed. Existing log files are never removed so they remain available for troubleshooting.

The csn-reset script is not meant as a general purpose uninstall script as it does not return service and network configuration files to their original state. It will not leave the server in a state usable for other purposes; if a server needs to be repurposed as a non-CSN a fresh OS install is recommended.


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