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The User Access tab allows you to add new users or update existing users who have write access (administrators) to the Netmail Store SNMP MIB and the Netmail Administration Console. The User Access tab can be found under the Content Storage object of the Netmail Administration Console.

By default the console gives read access to all users and an administrative user with the username of 'admin' and a password of 'caringo' is created on the system. The details of an existing user can be edited by clicking Edit next to that user’s name. Users can be deleted from the list by ticking the checkbox next to one or more usernames and clicking Delete. The admin user cannot be deleted. Any changes to these settings will not take effect until the cluster is rebooted to pick up the new configuration.

New users can be added by clicking Add User. Enter a user ID and a corresponding password, and click Add. Usernames and passwords must be alphanumeric with no spaces and must not be blank.

The User Access tab also contains a View Storage Console button that allows you to view cluster status information such as number of nodes, cluster status, number of errors, number of streams, and capacity data. Refer to the Viewing the Storage Console page for more information about the Storage Console.

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