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In normal operations, there are no required actions on the part of the administrator in order to manage Netmail Store volumes. However, there are some special cases that occur if a volume or a node has a problem or if you wish to perform hardware maintenance on a node. To do so, you can make use of the Netmail Administration Console.

Netmail Administration Console

The Netmail Administration Console is a unified user interface that allows administrators to manage several Netmail components, including Netmail Store, from a single login point. From the Netmail Administration Console, you can configure Netmail Store's cluster services, content storage, and the content router.

To connect to the Netmail Administration Console, enter one of the following URLs in your browser's address or location field:

  • Using a CSN: http://CSN\-external\-IP:8090/services/storage
  • Not using a CSN (i.e., accessing a Netmail Store node directly): http://node\-ip:90

For example, if one of the Netmail Store nodes has the IP address, enter

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