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In addition to the default network configuration information gathered from the initial configuration of the CSN, the Configuration tab of the Content Storage object allows for the editing of several additional configuration parameters. Any changes to these settings will not take effect until the cluster is rebooted to pick up the new configuration. The following options are available on the Configuration tab:

  • Cluster Name: The read-only name of the cluster that was specified during the initial network configuration process.
  • Cluster Settings UUID: Use this field to enter the UUID displayed in the settings popup of the Netmail admin console the first time a settings change is made. This will ensure the settings will persist across reboots.
  • Minimum Replicas: The minimum number of stream instances that must be kept in the cluster. The value must be 1 or higher. A value of 2 is recommended and is provided as the default value.
  • Maximum Replicas: The maximum number of stream instances that can be specified in the cluster. The value must be 1 or higher and must equal or exceed the value of minimum replicas.

Please refer to Appendix A - Node Configuration for more details on all Netmail Store configuration options. The Netmail Administration Console should be used for all configuration updates, but, for reference purposes, all cluster-wide configuration parameters set for Netmail Store are stored in a single configuration file (/var/opt/caringo/netboot/cluster.cfg). This file is automatically generated and should never be manually edited unless under direction of Support.

The Configuration  tab also contains a View Storage Console button that allows you to view cluster status information such as number of nodes, cluster status, number of errors, number of streams, and capacity data. Refer to the Viewing the Storage Console page for more information about the Storage Console.

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