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To update the version of Netmail Store software being used in the storage cluster, you must install the new rpm using the following command from a standard RHEL terminal window:

yum install [new Netmail Store version]

After the install, a new Netmail Store software version will appear on the Netboot Management tab.

To switch to an alternate Netmail Store software version, select the desired version and click Update. This will change the software image used to network boot all Netmail Store nodes. The Netmail Store cluster must be rebooted to pick up the new version. You may reboot the Netmail Store cluster all at once or with a rolling upgrade one node at a time from the Netmail Administration console to pick up the new version.

Note: Prior to rebooting, you may wish to suspend volume recovery from the Netmail Administration Console or SNMP if using a rolling upgrade to prevent cluster churn as individual nodes reboot. 

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