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The CSN supports upgrade from one software version to the next via a script process similar to initial installation. The CSN will not be functional during the upgrade and will need to be rebooted after the software is updated so administrators should schedule the upgrade during off peak hours to ensure Netmail Store and Content Router activities are not disrupted.

Cancellation of the upgrade mid-process (via Ctrl-C) is not supported and will be prevented if attempted. If a network or hardware outage interrupts the upgrade, administrators should use the csn-reset functionality to restore the previous software version and then attempt the upgrade again. If csn-reset followed by a reinstall does not work for some reason, please contact your support representative for alternate instructions. If upgrading a previously installed CSN to a new version, the following steps should be taken:

1. Upgrade the CSN's operating system to RHEL 5.5 if it has not already been upgraded. Similar to the initial installation, a Red Hat yum repository must be configured and available for upgrade to proceed.

2. Remove any multi-server configurations that were manually added to the custom sn<macaddress>.cfg files as multi-server is now automatically configured on the CSN. Please contact your support representative if you are unsure how or where to do this.

3. Ensure a license file has been published to the Netmail Store cluster. Upgrading the software without fully configuring it first is not supported.

4. Upgrade the CSN software using the same install script and steps described above in the Installation Steps section. Agree to the reboot option at the end of the installation; the CSN will not be functional until it has been rebooted. In the interim between upgrade and reboot, the Netboot component may log errors related to a port conflict. These errors are harmless and will be resolved with the reboot.

5. From the Netboot Management tab of the Cluster Services object in the Netmail Administration Console, select the new Netmail Store version.

6. From the Viewing the Storage Console, reboot the Netmail Store cluster.

7. Optionally, installations wishing to take advantage of a larger internal network in 2.0 should run the 'changeinternalnetwork' script described in the Running and Managing Chapter while the storage cluster is rebooting. Please reference the 'Updating the Internal Interface' section for complete instructions on updating the internal interface.

After upgrade, no further configuration is required; all existing configuration and service states are preserved from their previously configured values.

Backup Compatibility Across Software Versions

During upgrade, the backup process will not be able to complete and may log errors as a result. After upgrade, previous backup sets may be marked on the Backup and Restore tab of the Cluster Service object in the Netmail Administration Console as being compatible with a previous software version. These backups cannot be restored with the current version but will remain available if the software is reverted to a previous version. Please refer to the CSN-Reset section for instructions on how to install different versions of the CSN using the csn-reset functionality.

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