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  • Replacing Failed Drives
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Netmail Store volumes can be replaced after either an admin-initiated Retire (as described in Retiring One or More Volumes) or a Netmail Store-initiated failure resulting from I/O errors (as described in Retiring Volumes).

After a volume is marked either "Retired" or "Unavailable", it can be replaced. The Identify feature in the Netmail Store Admin Console allows you to easily identify a Retired volume that needs to be replaced. However, if the volume was marked "Unavailable," you must identify each of the remaining volumes to determine which one does not flash and therefore needs to be replaced. Once you have identified the correct volume, you can simply remove it and insert a new volume. Netmail Store will recognize that a new volume has been inserted and format it for use. See Identifying a Volume for more information about the Identify feature.

Administrators can now insert a disk drive into a running node without restarting the server, provided that the server hardware supports this function and disk.volumes = all is configured. This feature (called hot plugging or hot swapping) enables you to add storage capacity to a node at any time. See Hot Swapping and Plugging Drives.

To replace a failed hard drive:

1. Open the Admin Console.

2. In the Settings menu, select Volume: Suspend Recovery.

3. Remove the defective drive and install the replacement drive.

4. Ensure that the new drive appears in the Admin Console and has a non-zero stream count after several minutes of cluster activity.

5. In the Settings menu, turn off Volume: Suspend Recovery.

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