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  • Viewing Nodes in the Cluster
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The cluster node list provides a high level view of the active nodes in the system. Clicking the maximize button next to each IP address in the Node IP column displays the storage volumes for each cluster node.

The status information is transmitted periodically to the Admin Console, requiring up to two minutes before the node data in the Cluster Status window is updated. Because of the status propagation delay, the data for each node may vary in comparison. For best results, remain connected to the same node to avoid confusion.

The volume labels next to each Netmail Store node are listed in arbitrary order. While the Admin Console labels do not correspond to physical drive slots in node chassis, the volume names match the physical drives in the machine chassis. If the cluster is configured to use subclusters, you must expand each subcluster name to display the corresponding volume information.

If you have a large cluster, you can search for nodes by IP address and status.

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