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Support SLAs/Benefits and Expectations

NetGovern provides technical support for its clients primarily on a call-back basis. This allows our technicians to properly prioritize tickets to ensure they are familiar with the issue prior to beginning the troubleshooting process, and to arrange for any resources necessary for quick and effective troubleshooting.

By default NetGovern includes the Premium 24/7 Support Plan with all NetGovern products sold, which is designed to adequately meet the requirements of most organizations. However, you may want to choose our Dedicated Support Plan which promises you a shorter response time, a yearly audit, and a member of our Support Team dedicated to your account.

Support PlanInitial Response TimeAccess TypeHoursOther

Premium 24/7

4 hours*Electronic and Phone24/7 Emergency ServiceFair Use policy applies
Dedicated1 hour*Electronic and Phone24/7 Emergency ServiceFair Use policy applies

* During business hours (9am – 5pm EST).

Clients with valid contracts may email support requests to or call 1-866-497-0202, to open a support request. The SLAs described are enforced according to the Support Terms and Conditions.

SLAs/Benefits Details by Type

Premium 24/7

    • Unlimited phone or email support. Any of our engineers will be pleased to assist you during business hours, 9am – 5pm EST (Monday to Friday).
    • After-hours support is available for emergencies. Emergencies constitute a "down" system, such as mailflow interruption (for NetGovern Secure) or impeded legal proceedings (in the case of Netmail Archive/Search).  After-hours support is available only via telephone.


All the benefits of Premium 24/7, and including:

    • Direct access to the backline engineers for the best possible support in the shortest time.
    • Priority escalations to the Development team.
    • Possibility to add mailflow checks for remote 24hr monitoring and intervention.
    • Annual system audit and health report (on-site if requested).