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Minimum Requirements for Netmail Secure 5.3
Updated June 6th, 2014

This page stipulates the minimum requirements for the Netmail Secure solution to operate up to its expected performance level.

Netmail Secure is deployed as a virtual machine, so each deployed node must be allocated the resources outlined below.

Netmail Secure Minimum Requirements
  • Node Server:
    • Dual CPU
    • 4 GB of RAM recommended; 3 GB is absolute minimum permissible
    • 80 GB available on local disk (in the VM)
  • 3 nodes is the minimum requirement for full redundancy and fail over
  • 3 messages per second per box with all features turned on (DLP and deep content analysis)
  • 5 messages per second per box with only anti-spam and anti-virus components turned on
  • Supported web browsers:
    • For administrators: Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 27+, and Chrome 31+
    • For end-users (Netmail Quarantine): Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 27+, and Chrome 31+