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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Previously, applying a legal hold on an account required that the administrator create a new storage location, export account data to that location, and index the data in order to make it searchable. This data duplication required that additional storage space be allotted specifically for legal cases. In addition, depending on the legal case, restricting access to certain subsets of the exported storage repositories for certain users was not always easy to accomplish. With the new In-Place Legal Hold feature, instead of relying on locations, administrators can simply tag accounts as being on legal hold, and jobs will then ignore all accounts placed on legal hold. No other settings need to be configured to ensure data retention


Note: You must first enable Litigation Hold in Exchange before selecting the Legal Hold option in Netmail Archive.


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Important: At least one job with the Legal Hold option selected must be created for each archive location that is under legal hold. This ensures full retention of data within the archive locations under legal hold. If the Legal Hold option is not selected, then Case Administrators will not be able to save cases (in Netmail Search) that contain archive locations under legal hold.

Modifying the Behavior of Netmail Search when Legal Hold is Enabled for a Case

Along with enabling the legal hold feature in the Netmail Administration Console, you can also modify how Netmail Search behaves when a case requiring legal hold is saved. For example, in some organizations, legal hold is applied only to archived data, meaning that it is not necessary for legal hold to be enabled on the Exchange mail system as well. In such cases, administrators may want to modify the behavior of Netmail Search when legal hold is enabled for a case. This can be done through the xgwxmlv.cfg file.

To do modify the behavior of Netmail Search when legal hold is enabled for a case, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider folder. and open the xgwxmlv.cfg file.

2. Scroll down towards the end of the file and locate the analytics.legalHoldRetention=force parameter.

3. The analytics.legalHoldRetention=force parameter performs a legal hold retention check on Exchange. Change the value of this parameter to reflect how you want Netmail Search to behave when a Case Manager enables legal hold for a case. The following options are available to you:

  • force: The case will not be saved if the retention on the Exchange Server for an account within the case has not been set. This ensures that any mail that has not yet been archived will not be omitted. This is the default value for this parameter.
  • warning: A warning about legal hold preventing the deletion of archived content from users' archives within the current case is displayed. The Case Manager is still able to save the case.
  • skip: The verification of retention on Exchange is skipped altogether. This can speed up the legal hold process, but may be risky if proper retention settings on Exchange have not been set.

If any value other than the ones listed above is entered, the behavior will default to force.

4. Save the file.

5. Restart Remote Provider services.

Assigning Case Manager Rights to Users