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  • Case creation made through portal (when available).
  • 4 hour response time for main support line/ticket creation.
  • Support issues will be responded to in like kind unless otherwise requested by the client. For example, if a call is made to support, we will respond with a call to the client; if a support is created electronically, we will respond via email.
  • Critical issues will be bumped to the top of the support queue.
  • Clients with tickets in a “Waiting on Client” state will be contacted at a minimum every 5 business days.
  • Clients with tickets in an “Active State” or any state waiting on Netmail will be contacted every 3 business days.
  • Clients with a “Critical Issue” will be contacted on a daily basis.
  • Each client is authorized 2 points of contact who may call for support. Individuals who are outside of these contacts require approval by the client and the manager. 




  • Same as Advantage.
  • After hours support is for emergency support only. Emergencies constitute a "down" system in the case of Netmail Secure, meaning that the server or service is totally unavailable and this unavailability is impacting multiple users. In the case of Netmail Archive, emergencies consist of an impending legal proceeding that requires immediate assistance.
  • After hours support is handled via call-back. The client will open a case and then the technician will call back within 1 hour.