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  • Returning a Stale Volume to Service

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The storage cluster is designed to automatically adapt when a volume (hard drive) or node fails for any reason. Every storage cluster volume is checked during the node startup procedure. If a volume was disconnected from the cluster for more than 14 days, it is considered "stale" and its contents cannot be used unless an administrator specifically overrides this process. If a node is shut down for more than 14 days, all of its volumes are considered stale and cannot be used. After 14 days, you can force a volume remount by modifying the volume specification and adding the :k (keep) policy option.

When you force a volume older than 14 days back to service, be aware that you could inadvertently resurrect content that was explicitly deleted by clients. This is not a problem for content automatically deleted by lifepoint policies because the content is discovered and deleted by the Netmail Store health processor.