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This documentation is for Netmail 5.4. Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Requirements and Recommendations for the Index Server 5.4.xUpdated June 19th, 2015


This page lists the hardware and software required for the Index Server to operate at its expected performance level. These requirements apply to VM deployments of the Netmail Platform only.

Index Server

The Index Server is responsible for indexing or cataloging all archives items so that the data can be searched by administrators or email users.


  • Processor: 8 cores (or processors)
  • Memory: 32 GB RAM
  • Network: GB Ethernet
  • Storage: 2 different spaces must be set up for storage
    • Storage #1: 100 250 GB on local disk (in the VM) for OS, applications, and swap space (150 GB recommended for systems with 64 GB RAMcome already thin-provisioned with the VM)
    • Storage #2: Adequate attached storage for indexes
      • Fiber Channel (FC) connection to a SAN is recommended
      • iSCSI connections are supported, but performance cannot be guaranteed

Important: Spare disk space must always exist to allow for compaction of indexes. As a rough guide, the minimum spare space = used space / # of slices. Index corruption can occur if spare space is inadequate for index compaction.

Virtual Environment:


  • ESX 3.5 or greater
  • vSphere 5.1 or greater
  • Vmotion supported
  • Thin provisioning supported; thick is suggested
  • VMFS (RDM not required, but suggested for better performance)           
  • Disk Caching on disk array


  • Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SP1 and higher (Hyper-V 2012 R2 recommended)
  • Thin provisioning supported; thick is suggested
  • Disk Caching on disk array