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  1. Skip powershell calls and assume en-US culture, Exchange version 2010 SP1+ , and a couple of other defaults.
  2. Create a search folder in the mailbox, apply filter/policy to it, wait 10sec several seconds for items to populate.
  3. Archive items found in the search folder.


  1. Skipping the reading of the meta-data and just assuming some defaults.  This is useful if Powershell is very slow or simply not accessible in the environment.
  2. Not loading all the folders in the mailbox.  This is useful if there are some mailboxes with 1000's of folders and binding to each one is very time consuming.
  3. Using a search folder for filtering the content.  This a consequence of (2) above, and will require the use of a search folder to filter the mailbox since the job has skipped the loading of user folders.  The drawback of using this method is that it's very difficult to determine "completeness".  After creating the search folder & applying filtering criteria, the job will wait 10sec ~100sec for Exchange to populate the folder with results before processing them.  In cases mailboxes with large amounts of data, 10sec this time may not be sufficient amount of timeto load complete set of results.

<fastprelude> may not be wise in every situation.  Let's examine cases where this safe to use and where it's not.