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Bug Fixes

  • Scroll bars are present when they should not be in the Outlook Add-in.
  •  Adding a header using Content Filter can sometimes break the message display.

  • Users can sometimes, randomly, lose the proxy accesses they have.

  • Outlook Add-in isn't functional in German.
  • Forwarding messages with a percentage sign (%) in the subject line, from Search, does not always work.
  • Upgrade sometimes enables the wrong spam engines.
  • NetGovern Search does not display in Chrome 73.0.3683.75.
  • PST Import job can time out if the PST has a lot of folders.

  • Systems with a large number of distribution lists can have problems modifying jobs membership.

  • The folder list in the Outlook Add-in can be empty if there is a dot in the user name.


New Features & Enhancements