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This can be done by using the same ndsrepair utility with different options which will look like thisthe following:

guardian2k10:/home/admin # cd /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/

guardian2k10:/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin # ./ndsrepair -P -Ad

[1] Instance at /opt/ma/mplus/etc/nds.conf: guardian2k10.O=mplus.GUARD2K10

Repair utility for Novell eDirectory 8.8 - 8.8 SP3 v20214.25

DS Version 20216.83 Tree name: GUARD2K10

Server name: .guardian2k10.mplus

Size of /opt/ma/mplus/var/nds/log/ndsrepair.log = 5534 bytes.

This list shows information for each replica stored on this server. Select a replica to display an options menu.

Finding all replicas on this server

Please Wait...

Total number of replicas = 1


(1).[Root]. Master On

Enter 'q' to escape the operation.

Enter a replica number(1-1)?1


1. Repair all replicas

2. Repair selected replica

3. Schedule immediate synchronization

4. Cancel partition operation

5. Designate this server as the new master replica

6. Report Synchronization status of all servers

7. Synchronize the replica on all servers

8. Repair Ring, all replicas

9. Repair Ring, selected replica

10. View Replica Ring

11. View entire partition name

12. Repair time stamps and declare a new epoch

13. Destroy the selected replica on this server

14. Delete Unknown leaf objects

15. Return to Replica List

Enter 'q' to escape the operation.

Enter a replica option(1-15)?12


You should perform a database repair before declaring a new epoch.

Do you want to continue? (y/n):y

Administrator name: admin.mplus


Logging In To Server

Please Wait...

Preparing Log File "/opt/ma/mplus/var/nds/log/ndsrepair.log"

Please Wait...

Declaring new epoch on partition:


************ WARNING **************

This process may continue even after

control is returned to the module.

Please Wait...

Start: Thursday, September 01, 2011 12:50:09 Local Time


Repair Time Stamps has been scheduled

Total errors: 0

NDSRepair process completed.

This will start up the declare new epoc, you will need to wait to change anything else until this has completed. You can check to see if it has finished by running the ./ndsrepair -U again.


If you have an issue with nds crashing the system every Sunday with a multi-node system, there is a chance that they are running a weekly ndsrepair on all servers at the same time that is causing the system to crash.

The way to fix Fix this is by going into:

  • /etc/cron.d/


  • then move mplus-ndsrepair out of


  • the cron.d folder so it will not run.

If you run into any other issues with eDirectory crashing, please let us know and we will add the additional information.Netmail Support know!