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Upgrade Store usb key to latest version
Last Modified: 16/01/2013 08:30:30 AM
Written by: Jon Slater


M+ SecureStore
Netmail Store 


I am running and older version and need to upgrade to new version of Store


Please Read First!
Please note that once you have done this procedure and restarted the nodes, you can not backrev to the previous version.  Once you have upgraded you must stay with that version or Newer.
You need to return the usb key to the same system in which it came from.
If you are upgrading from much older version to Netmail Secure this should be done in steps (to check version number please view webadmin for Store and note version number).
Please follow the below 
recommendation for upgrading from version to version.
Version below 4.0.x upgrade to 4.0.x
Version 4.0.X - 5.0.x upgrade to 5.1.x
Version 5.1.x and above can be upgraded to latest version of Netmail Store.


1. Plug the USB flash device into the Windows computer.
2. Unzip the upgrade zip file.
3. Make note of the drive letter assigned to USB device. (Examples use X:)
4. Move the license.txt and node.cfg file from usb key to computer (they are found on the usb key in folder /caringo )
5. Copy all files from upgrade zip file to the USB flash drive. You will over-write the existing files already on the flash drive.
*There are hidden files and folders so make sure you get everything, you may need to turn on the "show hidden files and folders" option 
6. Open a command prompt: Start Menu-->Run: "cmd.exe"
7. Run the syslinux.exe utility from the upgrade zip passing the drive letter of the USB flash device as a parameter.
*Example: "D:\syslinux.exe X:"
8. Move the license.txt and node.cfg file back to the usb key in folder /caringo
9. Stop the USB flash drive and unmount. This is typically done by double-clicking the icon on the task bar that is labeled "Safely Remove Hardware" and the hitting the Stop button for the USB flash device.
10. Plug the USB flash device back into Store node and Restart node.
 *Restarting the nodes should be done from the web console when ever possible.



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