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The Netmail Store Cluster Services Node (CSN) is an integrated services node that centralizes installation and configuration of both the network services required to run a Netmail Store cluster and the software used to interface with it.


The Netmail Store CSN infrastructure is made up of the following components:

1. A collection of required network services configured to support a Netmail Store cluster, including DHCP, PXE network boot, TFTP, syslog, NTP and several others

2. An integrated PXE network boot and configuration server for Netmail Store nodes booted onto the Netmail Store CSN's internal network

3. Several SNMP MIBs with operational and status information for all nodes in the associated Netmail Store cluster as well as the Content Router Publisher and Replicator services

4. Integrated installation and configuration of Content Router and the SCSP Proxy

5. An administrative web console that provides easy configuration of common settings and parameters as well as access to useful utilities like updating Netmail Store software versions and backup and restore of configuration files

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