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Netmail Archive can be easily deployed in an environment that uses multiple email systems, also referred to as a mixed environment. This may be useful for organizations that are migrating from one email system to a different email system, as well as for organizations that would like to archive data from multiple physical locations that use different email systems. For instance, if an organization has a head office that uses Novell GroupWise and a branch office that uses Microsoft Exchange, Netmail Archive can archive data from both locations and save the data to a shared storage location in XML format. Once archived, the data can be easily viewed in Netmail Search.

How Netmail Search Functions in a Mixed Environment

With Netmail Search, organizations can easily access archived data from different Netmail Archive nodes even if the nodes are archiving from different email systems (for example, from GroupWise and Exchange). Data in a mixed environment can be archived to a single repository with a single Indexing Server indexing the entire Archive. Each Netmail Archive server will have a Data Provider that hosts the Netmail Search search tool. When a user logs into Netmail Search to view the Archive, the Data Provider authenticates the user against either eDirectory or Active Directory, depending on the configuration. The Index Server then retrieves information from the archive locations to which the user has access.

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