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Netmail 5.x


For a Client Access Server installed against a GroupWise system, the following steps are used to locate the user's archives after a successful login.


  1. Once authentication is successful, the RP will locate the user in the Archive user cache (LDAP: ou=GWOpenServer,ou=Users) from the userID provided during login.  Simultaneously, it will look for an entry in the usermaps (LDAP: ou=GWOpenServer,ou=UserMaps).
  2. If the userID matches a usermap, then the attribute maUserPreviousID is recorded.

  3. If no usermap is found for that userID, then a currentID is constructed for this user by combining the maName attribute with the CN.  
    In the following case, it will conclude that the currentID should be "john lee@john.po1.dom".

  4. With either the maUserPreviousID or the currentID, the RP will search for a matching folder name in the audit path of any repository not set to "invisible".



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