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Netmail 5.x


For a Client Access Server installed against an Exchange system, the following steps are used to locate the user's archives after a successful login.


  1. After a successful authentication, the RP will use the supplied credentials to search for the user in the cache (LDAP: ou=GWOpenServer, ou=Users).  Simultaneously it will search for a matching usermap (LDAP: ou=GWOpenServer, ou=UserMaps) in case this account has changed since it was originally archived (eg. name change)

  2. If a usermap is found, the attribute maUserPreviousID is recorded.  If no usermap exists, the currentID is constructed using the CN of the user object.

  3. Using the ID determined in Step 2, the RP will search the audit paths of Exchange repositories not set to "invisible".

  4. From the user object the RP will also read the maLdapAttributes to find a MAID.  If it is not NULL, then this attribute specifies the folder name of the user in a GroupWise repository.

  5. Using the MAID from Step 4, it will search the audit paths of GroupWise repositories not set to "invisible".

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