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This documentation is for Netmail 5.4. Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Netmail Archive includes built-in tools to facilitate a full migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010/2013 or O365. The migration strategy used by Netmail Archive leverages the XML Archive as an intermediate store between GroupWise and Exchange/O365. Data is archived from GroupWise, stored in the XML repository, and then injected into Exchange/O365. Data from the XML repository is mapped to mail, notes, tasks, contacts, and calendar events in Exchange/O365.

The following table contains a list of features and capabilities and how they will or will not migrate from GroupWise to Exchange 2010/2013 or O365.

GroupWise FeatureOutlook FeatureWill the Feature Migrate?
MessagesEmail Messages 
Email Delivered ReceiptEmail Delivered ReceiptYes
Return Notification (opened)Email Read ReceiptYes
Return Notification (deleted)Email Deleted Without Being Read NoteYes
Delayed DeliveryDelay Delivery*No
Non-Delivery ReportNon-Delivery ReportYes
Forwarded Messages (inline)Forwarded Messages (inline)Yes

Phone Message

Email Message*Yes, but migrates as an email message.
Reminder NoteAll-Day Appointment (not busy)*Yes, but migrates as an all-day appointment.
HTML MessageHTML MessageHyperlinks, text, and graphics display in the message body.
Message Meta DataMessage Meta DataYes
Advanced Message Recipient StatusDelivery ReportsNo
Priority (low, standard, high)Importance (low, normal, high)Yes
Classification (normal, proprietary, confidential, secret, top secret, for your eyes only)Sensitivity (normal, personal, private, confidential)No
Routing Slips-No matching feature.
TrashDeleted ItemsYes
Work in ProgressDrafts


Sent ItemsSent ItemsYes
Junk MailJunk E-MailYes
Secondary Folders / Cabinet FoldersAdditional FoldersYes. Folder structure is maintained.
Shared FoldersShared FoldersOwner's folder is migrated, however shared rights must be re-established.
File AttachmentFile AttachmentYes
Object AttachmentObject AttachmentYes
HTML DocumentHTML DocumentYes
Forwarded Messages (attachment)Forwarded Messages (attachment)Yes
AppointmentsMeeting Requests 
Appointments (accepted, declined, tentatively accepted, request read, request delivery, reminder times)Meetings (accepted, declined, tentatively accepted, request read, request delivery, reminder times)Yes
Appointments with AttachmentsMeetings with AttachmentsYes
Recurring AppointmentsRecurring Meetings*Yes, but they migrate as a series of separate/individual appointments.
Multiple CalendarsMultiple CalendarsYes
Shared CalendarsShared CalendarsOwner's folder is migrated, however shared rights must be re-established.
Tasks with AppointmentsTasks with AppointmentsYes
Address BooksContacts 
Novell GroupWise Address BookGlobal Address List (GAL)Yes. Created automatically.
Personal Address BookContactsYes
Frequent ContactsSuggested ContactsYes, but created as a contact folder under ‘Contacts’.
Multiple Contacts FolderMultiple Contacts FolderYes
Shared Address BookShared ContactsOwner's folder is migrated, however shared rights must be re-established.
Distribution ListDistribution GroupYes
Other ItemsOther Items 
Mail and Calendar ProxiesMail and Calendar Sharing/DelegationNo
Saved FiltersSaved Filters*No
Accept/Decline Comments-No matching feature.

*Please contact Netmail for more detailed information about migrating this feature.