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The % Used indicator provides a helpful computation of cluster availability and licensed and total physical space for monitoring purposes. Space used is calculated against the lesser of the total physical space or the licensed space.

For example, in a cluster with 4TB of physical space but only 2TB of licensed space where 1.5TB of space is used, the console would report 75% Space Used.

The indicators include color highlighting, as described in the table below.

Logical ThresholdColor*DescriptionDefault Threshold Value

Used space is less than the console.spaceWarnLevel configurable threshold.

At or above 75%

Used space is less than the console.spaceErrorLevel and more than the spaceWarnLevel configurable thresholds.

Above 75% but at or below 90%

Used space is greater than or equal to the console.spaceErrorLevel configurable threshold.

Above 90%

* You can modify these default colors using custom style sheets.

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