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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Previously, applying a legal hold on an account required that the administrator create a new storage location, export account data to that location, and index the data in order to make it searchable. This data duplication required that additional storage space be allotted specifically for legal cases. In addition, depending on the legal case, restricting access to certain subsets of the exported storage repositories for certain users was not always easy to accomplish. With the new In-Place Legal Hold feature, instead of relying on locations, administrators can simply tag accounts as being on legal hold, and jobs will then ignore all accounts placed on legal hold.

Note: You must first enable Litigation Hold in Exchange before selecting the Legal Hold option in Netmail Archive.

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Enabling In-Place Legal Hold

When an account is placed on legal hold, the account is tagged to make sure that it is processed during archiving. All Agents that can delete and/or update content must read the tag before running any jobs. If a tag cannot be read or parsed, the entire account is considered to be on legal hold.

To use In-Place Legal Hold, you must first enable the feature in the Netmail Administration Console. To do so, navigate to the Archive Agent, and select the archiving job of your choice. If an archiving job does not exist, you must create a job . Click the Criteria tab. Under Legal Hold, place a check mark next to Use this job to apply Legal Hold. This option will apply the archiving policy selected for this job to all accounts flagged for legal hold in Netmail Search. If you need to create a new policy, refer to Policy Planning, Configuration and Management.

When you are done, be sure to click Save.

Important: At least one job with the Legal Hold option selected must be created for each archive location that is under legal hold. This ensures full retention of data within the archive locations under legal hold. If the Legal Hold option is not selected, then Case Administrators will not be able to save cases (in Netmail Search) that contain archive locations under legal hold.

Assigning Case Manager Rights to Users

With In-Place Legal Hold, Netmail Search gains new Case Manager and Auditor roles. The system administrator can assign Case Manager privileges to users within the organization. Case Managers can create, update, and delete cases, enable legal holds, and assign Auditor rights to other users, all from within Netmail Search. Auditors can access Netmail Search to view, tag, comment, and search archived messages placed on legal hold. Auditors may include members of external counsel or internal auditors, for example.

Case Manager rights for Netmail Search are assigned on the Legal Hold Admin tab in the Netmail Administration Console. Once rights have been assigned, users will have to the choice to log in to Netmail Search as a Case Manager (to access the user archives to which they have been granted access) or Normal User (to access their own personal archives).

To assign Case Manager privileges to a user, follow these steps:

1. Click the Archive object in the Netmail Administration Console, and then select the Legal Hold Admin tab.

2. Under Case managers, click Add to select the user you want to assign Case Manager privileges to.

3. In the User List dialog box that appears, click List Users to choose from a list of all of your user accounts. In the left-hand panel, highlight the user account you want to give Case Manager privileges to, and click Add. Your selected user will appear in the right-hand pane of the User List dialog box.

4. Click OK to close the dialog box.

5. The selected user now appears in the Case managers list on the Legal Hold Admin tab.

6. Once you have selected the user that you want to give case management privileges to, you can then select the archive location(s) that the Case Manager can have access to while reviewing cases in Netmail Search. To do so, highlight the user in the Case managers list.

7. Under Assigned locations, place a check mark next to the archive storage location(s) that you want the selected Case Manager to have access to. For information about storage locations, see Specifying Locations .

8. Now that you have selected a Case Manager and assigned an archive storage location(s), you must now select which users within the selected storage location(s) the Case Manager may place on legal hold. With the selected Case Manager still highlighted in the Case Managers list, select one of the following options under Assigned users:

  • All users from the assigned locations: Choose this option if you want the Case Manager to have access to all users within the selected archive storage location(s).
  • Select users or groups: Choose this option if you want the Case Manager to have access only to certain individual users or groups of users within the selected archive storage location(s).

After choosing this option, click Add, and a User Selection dialog box opens. Select either List users from assigned locations if you want to select individual users or List all groups from user cache if you want to select entire distribution lists, and then click List. The users or distribution lists appear in the left-hand panel. Highlight the user(s) or distribution list(s) you want the selected Case Manager to be able to place on legal hold, and Add them to the right-hand panel. When you are done, click OK. Your selected user(s) or distribution list(s) now appear under Assigned users.

Important: Since users are selected using a standard User Selection dialog box, all users, including Auditors and external counsel, must have email addresses on the mail system.

9. Repeat the above steps for each Case Manager you create.

10. If you need to delete any existing Case managers or Assigned users, simply highlight the users and click Remove.

11. When you have finished making all of your selections, click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

What Users See in Netmail Search

Upon logging in to Netmail Search, both Case Managers and Auditors are prompted to proceed as either a Normal User, or as a Case Manager or Auditor – whatever the case may be.

Note: It is also possible for a user to be both a Case Manager and Auditor, although not for the same case. In such a situation, the user would have the choice to log in as a Case Manager or Auditor (or Normal User, if applicable).

Case Managers

When Case Managers log in to Netmail Search, they are greeted with the Case Management Dashboard, which has two tabs: Case List and Users under Legal Hold. The Case List tab displays a list of all currently existing cases and basic parameters defining each case, such as the case name, owner, description, ID, and legal hold status. The Users under Legal Hold tab displays a list of user accounts that have been placed under legal hold.

A Case Manager can create Auditors through the Case List tab either by creating a new case (in the New Case dialog box) or editing an existing case (in the Edit Case dialog box). Both the New Case and Edit Case dialog boxes offer the same criteria and tabs for configuring and editing cases, including the Audit Access and Legal Hold tabs:

  • Audit Access tab: Allows the Case Manager to select users and grant them Auditor privileges for the particular case they are creating or editing.

  • Legal Hold tab: Allows the Case Manager to enable legal hold for a specified date range for the particular case they are creating or editing.

Note: For more information about Case Managers and Legal Hold within Netmail Search, refer to the Netmail Search User Guide for Case Managers.


When Auditors log in to Netmail Search, they are also greeted with the Case Management Dashboard, although there are no tabs. They have the ability to open and edit cases (to which they have been given access).

Note: For more information about Auditors and Legal Hold within Netmail Search, refer to the Netmail Search User Guide for Auditors.

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