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Netmail 5.3.x




The version of eDirectory originally shipped on the Netmail 5.3 Archive VMs has shown stability issues.  The fix is to roll back this component to the earlier build used by Netmail 5.2.  Find the procedure for this below.  Expect ~2hrs of downtime.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have a SNAPSHOT of the VM prior to performing this procedure, as any error could result in catastrophic loss of the Netmail deployment.


  1. Log onto the Netmail Archive master server.  Use the .\administrator account as that's the one that's been tested & has had success.
  2. Stop all Netmail services. Restart the x64 NDS service.
  3. Note the x64 NDS service Display Name.  It has the tree & server name in it, which you'll need later.  Copy and paste the Display Name to Notepad for convenience.
  4. From an (elevated) command prompt: ..\Netmail Webadmin\sbin\createbackup.exe -o eDirConfig.backup netmail <password> archive   (this dumps the archive config to a local json file called eDirConfig.backup).
  5. Uninstall eDir v8.8.8 using the attached script  Run it from an (elevated) command prompt as so:  ndsremove.bat c:\Novell\nds
  6. (Here I chose to restart the server.  Don't forget to re-stop the Netmail services after)
  7. Install the eDir v8.8.5 by running its \win\setup.exe (as admin):
    1. When prompted for tree & server name, use the ones you noted earlier from step 3.
    2. Change the 'admin' user to 'netmail' & provide the respective password.
    3. Deselect the option to require TLS for simple binds.
    4. Proceed with the remaining defaults.
  8. Once installed, you can apply the patch which was included in the above link as well.
  9. Restore the backup to the eDir by running (from an elevated command prompt): ..\Netmail Webadmin\sbin\restorebackup.exe netmail <password> eDirConfig.backup
  10. Open the following file in Notepad "..\Netmail Webadmin\var\dbf\eclients.dat" and copy the contents to the clipboard.
  11. From an (elevated) command prompt, run:  ..\Netmail Webadmin\bin\mdbcli.exe -u=netmail -p=<password>
    1. at the resultant mbd prompt, run: setpass archive\eclients <paste_contents_from_step_10>
  12. Start the Netmail services.


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