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Introducing Netmail Store

Netmail Store is a high-performance, massively scalable, self-managing, cost-effective, fixed content storage software that runs on clusters of commodity 32- or 64-bit computer hardware. Netmail Store provides the integrity of an archive with the performance of primary storage. Netmail Store integrates with Netmail Secure and Netmail Archive, allowing implementation of efficient storage on any type of server hardware. Netmail Store is quickly and easily installed.

Netmail Store uses a flat address space that can store billions of objects in one cluster. The cluster’s storage capacity can continue to be expanded by adding new server nodes with the Netmail Store software. Adding new capacity requires no provisioning or configuration, and can be done without taking the system out of service. Netmail Store ensures availability of content by creating multiple replicas of data, and it automatically replicates the content of a failed node to a healthy node.

Netmail Store Infrastructure

The Netmail Store infrastructure is comprised of the following components:

  • Cluster of 32- or 64-bit computers/nodes with one or more physical volumes running Netmail Store software
  • Client applications, such as Netmail Secure or Netmail Archive, that access the cluster through HTTP
  • TCP/IP network connecting cluster nodes and clients

Integration with Netmail Secure

Netmail Store enables Netmail Secure to strip and store attachments from inbound and outbound email messages, preventing new types of viruses or unwanted content from entering the messaging and collaboration system and preventing data leaks from within the organization. Netmail Secure communicates with Netmail Store via HTTP. The Netmail Secure server establishes an HTTP connection with the Netmail Store cluster and sends a stripped attachment to the Netmail Store cluster to be stored. Netmail Secure delivers the email message to the recipient along with a URL pointing to the stripped attachment. After a specified number of days, Netmail Store deletes the attachment, thereby freeing up storage space.

Integration with Netmail Archive

Netmail Store can be deployed in conjunction with Netmail Archive as a primary or secondary storage repository for static archived data, such as email messages and attachments. Netmail Archive communicates with Netmail Store via HTTP. The Netmail Archive server establishes an HTTP connection with the Netmail Store cluster and sends a file to the Netmail Store cluster to be stored. In response to the file, Netmail Store sends a Content Address (CA) to Netmail Archive. The CA is an identifier that will allow Netmail Store to later retrieve the file. The Netmail Archive server stores the CA in the archive audit files, and the Index Server indexes this information.

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